We houden nips (15 cl)

Greetings from the Netherlands! Long story small because this is about all things small, we moved to Amsterdam for the next two years. And already we’re discovering that it’s a small world after all. The Dutch, it seems, love drinking things 15 centiliters at a time (that’s 5 ounces for those who haven’t gone metric), from suds to sodas.

Take this sampler of a fantastic IPA from Dutch brewery, er brouwerij Maximus. They sure pack a ton of (American) hops into this 15-cl serving.

Brouwerij Maximus High Hops/Low-volume

Brouwerij Maximus High Hops/Low-volume

And this can of Coke, “Champagne American,” found at the supermarket.

I'll have a finger of Coca-Cola

I’ll have a finger of Coca-Cola

Of course, the beer was €3 and the Coke was €0.45, but both are perfect nips.


About Brian
Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

3 Responses to We houden nips (15 cl)

  1. Arie says:

    Man! you have big fingers…

  2. Brendan says:

    Have fun in Amsterdam!
    By the way, they have been selling coke
    In little cans here in the states for years now. If you didn’t drink so much beer
    You would know that

  3. Brian says:

    Ha, thanks Brendan. They sell “little cans” of Coke in the states, but those are 8 oz, or 236 ml (or sometimes 7.5 oz). This is 150 ml, making this a “puny can” filled with 5 oz. Then again, those Japanese folks get to drink their Coca-Cola 135 ml at a time. That’s all the sugar I need.

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