Ride the Champagne ponies

Credit: Danny Kim

Credit: Danny Kim

Thanks, Niki Ganong, for posting this li’l nugget on my FB wall. It seems that Andrew Knowlton, Bon Apétit’s The Foodist, is in the know when it comes to nips of beer. He blurbs, “Miller High Life ponies, the seven-ounce guys, are standard at any Foodist party. Why? They chill down quickly, they finish fast so they never get warm, and…You might call them cute, too.” While I can’t say I whole-heartedly agree with his taste in beer–the snob in me would say a Miller High Life pony bottle is perfect because you only have to drink 7 ounces of it–he still uses sound reasoning and I’m glad to know their vintage ponies are back. If I find ’em, I’m seriously picking ’em up for my next cookout.




Venezuelan nips

Abram Goldman-Armstrong, beer writer and soon-to-be cider maker (professionally, that is), sent along this pic of his nip. He found it at La Arepa, the Venezuelan food cart at à la carts, the pod at SE 50th and Division. He points out that it’s obviously not beer, but is still made from malt, calling it, “Darker than a lot of maltas I’ve had but still super sweet.” As such, it’s perfecto that it comes in 7-oz (207 ml) nip bottles. Salud.2013-07-02 12.27.38