All the Nips Fit to Print #3: PA nip sales

Taking a page (yes, pun intended) from Jay Brooks’s Beer in ads series, we welcome you to a series on vintage nip (or ponies, splits, pocket torpedoes, etc) print ads, sales sheet, and labels. We came into this wellspring courtesy of a home-historian by the nom de bière Jess Kidden. Here we have a sales sheet from a Pennsylvania distributor from 1954.

ImageInteresting to note that of the 19 “Premium Beers,” only 4 of those breweries remain (Coors wouldn’t reach that market for another 27 years.) But best of all, Jess Kidden has highlighted the “7-oz bottle beers” section! 21 different nips featured on their sales sheet including some well-known brands like Bud and Rolling Rock (now owned by ABI) to revered brands of yesteryear like Ballantine to ones lost in the Dustbin of History such as Goebel, Catasaqua Old Dutch, and one I’d love to try just for the name, Short Snorter.

“57 Famous Brands.” And over a third were available in nips.