Size matters

A new blog post by Ginger Johnson at Women Enjoying Beer is titled Why Serving Size Matters to Women.

She opines:

Women like flavor. Size of a beer matters to them, whether they say they want a big glass of beer, a small taste, half pint, or anything else. Because enjoyment of flavor is directly tied to the size of beer serving and what they want out of that particular experience.

She’s right in that, more than anything, Ginger preaches flavor, and our very objective in promoting nips and other responsibly-sized packages and glasses is that you don’t need to imbibe an entire litre to enjoy the taste of beer that’s contained in a half pint. There are other factors involved that serving size affects from temperature down to how much you’re really tasting once you’ve drank a lot. Of course, men like flavor, too. And 8-10 ounces of a flavorful beer doesn’t merely taste half as good as a pint or imperial pint’s worth. But then Ginger goes on about how much glass size matters.

How big is the actual vessel the beer is served in? This factor should be considered by all serving establishment for ALL patrons. Smaller hands are not exclusive to women. And being able to fully control and safely grasp the glass you’ve been served should be in mind when determining sizes on the menu.

Be you a fragile-handed woman or a man who gets away with wearing children’s gloves, you really ought to be strong enough to hold any sized vessel full of beer, because if you’re not than even a 189-mL nip bottle is likely too much alcohol for you. It’s not as if the Oktoberfest barmaids carrying 12 litres at at time, sans tray, have hands like giant squids.

Ultimately, serving size does matter–to all of us.


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Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

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  1. Thanks for the citation – and I like your points as well. Cheers to what serving you want ~ Ginger

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