Norway’s $100/litre beer

As we blogged in All About Beer’s Beer Soup,  we must’ve had an $11 half-litre too many at Grünerløkka Brygghus, a tony taproom in Oslo, because when we spied a pair of lovelies from Nøgne Ø (pronounced Nugneh Eu.) we neglected to ask how much they were before ordering one (but knew enough to order just one). Would it be the Imperial Stout aged in cognac? Or the amazing smoked barleywine called Sunturnbrew, finished on bourbon? All their bottles for the American market are packed 500 ml at a time, but both of these came in 250 ml (8.5 oz) bottles. We splurged 155 Norwegian Krone on the barrel-aged Sunturnbrew. That’s $25.75 in American!! That’s over a dollar a centiliter! Or, using Bill Night’s handy-dandy Six Pack Equivalent Calculator, tantamount to a $220 six-pack. How was the beer? Awesome, as far as we can recall. Could we have ever finished a bomber’s worth? No way. And besides, that woulda set us back over fifty bucks.


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