All the Nips Fit to Print #1: Anchor Old Foghorn

Let’s say that some great brewer devised a clever beer, say, adding orange peel and coriander to a wheat beer and next thing you know, everyone’s making a Belgian Witbier. In this vein–but on the beer blogger side–taking a page (yes, pun intended) from Jay Brooks’s Beer in ads series (presently well over 500 posts strong), we welcome you to a new series on vintage nip (or ponies, splits, pocket torpedoes, etc) print ads, sales sheet, and labels.

We came into this wellspring courtesy of a home-historian by the nom de bière Jess Kidden. It’s only proper to start with an early label of Anchor Old Foghorn, the first craft Barley Wine brewed in America and still one of the absolute best. Anchor first brewed it in 1975 and sold its first bottles in 1976. In keeping with the tradition of English Barley Wines, Old Foghorn came in 6.3-oz nips, I believe for the first 30 years. Behold the tiny glory.


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Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

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