In Support of Small in print

We love nips, it’s true. We love nips, we do. But where did this love of nips come from? The roots are a little opaque, but we first vocalized (or blogized) this affinity on All About Beer’s blog, Beer Soup. Click here to see where it began, then click the Next button at the end to jump from Pt. I to Pt. II, then again to Pt. III. The editors, in their infinite wisdom, allowed us to adapt the three-part blog into a bona fide feature story.

In keeping with the notion that smaller is sometimes better, despite our tendency to overwrite, we vowed to keep all posts to 250 words or less. We may have failed once or twice. But the story allowed us to expound on our argument for nips and other smaller, responsible packaging sizes and include many industry voices on their past, current, and future usage, to the tune of some 3,800 words. Oh wait, it looks like the tasting notes of a few available nips was left out….We smell four future posts as a result!

If you subscribe to AAB, flip to page 36 of the May issue. If you don’t, go to your nearest well-stocked news stand and buy it. (Or, y’know, wait a while for it to show up online.) In the meantime, here’s what the spread looks like:


How much mead can you really drink?

Sometimes when you're drinking big beers, you want a li'l mead. Photo: B. Yaeger

I like most mead. I just don’t like drinking a ton of it. Does anyone? I bet not even the RenFaire folks–who are eternally tethered to the drink in an UnFair depiction of who the only people who actually drink it are–drink it copiously. I think even 12 oz. would exceed my limit.

So it’s great that, at a recent bottle share of sorts, a Michigander brought a nip from his home state. Kuhnhenn is a brewery and winery…and meadery. The nip in question was their Meritage Pyment. There are many mead styles, many of which are simply fermented water-honey-yeast, but a pyment is mead blended with wine grapes or in this case, various house red wines, then aged in an oak barrel. Kuhnhenn also makes a line of single-hopped meads that even devout IPA fans could get down with. I just don’t know if they could handle more than 187 mL at a time.