Fonefan the Ratebeerian

Jan Bolvig, way, way better known among RateBeerians (members of the online beer geek community RateBeer.com) as Fonefan drinks as much beer as possible. He has well over 23,000 beer reviews to his nom-de-beer, making him the most prolific rater. As such, he actually drinks as little beer as possible.

To clarify, in order to get through so gosh darn many beers (known in the community as ticking, which I covered in All About Beer), Jan & his Danish cohorts drink uber tiny quantities of each. The try 20-30 new beers in a single night. Sampling 200 over a dedicated weekend isn’t unheard of. To quaff whole servings, 30 cL or more, would, well, let’s just here his quote:

Normal in the Copenhagen tastings is approximately 4-5 centiliters (cL) since they are many people sharing a bottle. At tasings hosted by me we try to get minimum 5-10 cL of each beer. Other tastings it can be 10-20 cL. But the thing about sample size is  just a matter of how focused you are.

There you have it, if in slightly broken English, professional, devoted beer drinkers drink on average 10 cL (about 3 oz.) per beer. Almost makes a whole nip (19 cL) seem super-sized.


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