Fermented Bottle Rant

From nip to not (photo: B Yaeger)

Michael over at The Mad Fermentationist does one of my favorite blogs. Yeah, there’s lots of awesome homebrew recipes from clones–why break the bank buying Lost Abbey Cable Car when you can brew your own?–to funky stuff: Neo Kvass Imperial Sourdough, anyone? But he’s also got great ideas (rants) and vocalizes them well. Well, blogizes them well.

So imagine our delight when he posted about craft beer bottle sizes a short while ago.

Can craft brewers please stop with the bombers and 750s of strong beers?

…Instead of seeing a per ounce savings the large format bottles are often more than twice as expensive as their smaller counterparts.

…When I am buying a beer I haven’t had before, or one that sounds weird/experimental I’d rather buy as little of it as possible (which is why it is great that some beer bars sell sampler sizes). I’d love to see more breweries putting their weird beer into smaller bottles (7 oz nips would be perfect)

Preach on, Mad Fermentationist, preach on.


About Brian
Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

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