Best gifts come in small packages

Earlier this holiday season, I wasn’t alone in thinking about gifting and regifting beer. Veteran beer writer Peter LaFrance, stating that “gifting and re-gifting are art forms,” posted on his blog about “The Gift of Beer.”

Running through virtually every family member on your list, he had the following suggestions (bold font is editor’s own)

Your brother-in-law’s wife not a beer geek: This is perhaps the easiest one… a 250 mL bottle of the Belgian Kriek beer. Suggest that she serve it in champagne flutes and guests will be wondering what the wonderful wine that they are serving is called…

Your in-laws: …If they have been known to indulge, a 250 mL bottle of a Russian Imperial Stout, or a barley wine. Tell them that it is not for immediate consumption, rather it is to be saved and savored at another time. There are affirmative a psychological reasons for offering it that way.

So now, with 2011 hurdling to a close and 2012 getting ready to unfurl before us, keep in mind that when it comes to thoughtfulness, less is less and more is more, but when it comes to enjoying great beer, sometimes less is more. And while some beers are best saved for another day, here’s to hoping you savor everything else in the here and now.

Happy (small) Brew Year,



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Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

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