Big Eddy. Little bottle.

Schnits of Leinies

Recently, I received awesome samples from Tenth & Blake (MillerCoors) of Leinie’s Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stouts (one aged in bourbon barrels, the other in rye whiskey). Awesome both because of the contents as well as the packaging: 7-oz nips, each hand-dipped in wax to ensure years of non-oxidized maturation should I have the willpower.

I just learned that Leinie’s released the Big Eddy RIS, but with some notable differences. 1) It’s not barrel aged. 2) It’s in 4-packs of 12-oz bottles, NOT nips.

Per her tweet, apparently Tenth & Blake’s Lisa Zimmer is to blame!

Where does a beer like this fit into the Leinenkugel history of brewing? Stay tuned for an excerpt of my discussion with the Leinies about just such a beer.

Yours in appreciation of nips,



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