Taking the mystery out of nips

NC's forthcoming Mystery Brewing

Yesterday on the Aleheads podcast, a site whose very motto is “They’re ALL session beers” (which is what we say a nip bottle of a 14% R.I.S. becomes), they interviewed Erik Lars Myers who is prepping to launch Mystery Brewing. Erik is a brewer and drinker after our own heart, which we discovered during his discussion about his plans for packaging his beers. Below is an excerpt from the podcast.
Erik Lars Myers: My goal is to never sell a 6-pack…I’m more than happy to be in growlers…or special 750s…Long run, if I get a bottling line, I wanna do 7-ounce bottles and do them in 4 packs.
Aleheads: Hm. (Ed’s note: you can hear the interviewer’s bewilderment, possibly consternation) …You mean for the higher gravity stuff?
ELM: Anything. When I go out to the bar what I really want is a half pint. I often don’t want to drink an entire 16-ounce pint of a beer. I’d love to try 11 beers tonight. I don’t want to do that 16 ounces at a time…If I could drink half pints everywhere I’d be really happy. And I think people would go for a nice, cheap 4-pack of small bottles.
Aleheads: And feel like a giant.
From here, Erik mentioned that Rogue and Flying Dog used to bottle high gravity beers in nips but that  even sessionable stuff like cream ales (a la Little Kings Cream Ale, which is sold in nips in the Midwest and East Coast) would do well in smaller portions. He concluded, “(That’s) not a small amount of beer. Seven ounces is really decent.”

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