Enjoy nips responsibly

12 oz bottle, hmph!

My wife, who stands a bottle crown shy of five feet–I call her Half Pint. Our first kid is due to arrive in just 7 weeks, nicknamed Stubby. Sometimes when I get cranky she calls me Growler, but really, I’m a lightweight. No matter how much I drink beer, my tolerance stays low. That’s fine. It’s all about quality not quantity, right?

Right?! I’m on a kick to bring back NIPS. Technically they’re 189ml bottles, but let’s just call anything less than a standard 12oz (355ml) bottle a nip. Nips equal more to go around, more for yourself, half price, and half the calories.

Why bottle excellent beer in nips? Everybody wants some. They keep you from getting fat(ter) and/or too drunk. And they make expensive beers cheaper.

Stay tuned for more big reasons to go small.

Nipstastically yours,



About Brian
Author of beer books "Red, White, & Brew" & "Oregon Breweries." Championing responsible packages for responsible beer lovers. #Nips!

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