sake to me

The name for Japan in Japan is 日本 or Nippon. So how perfect is it that these outstanding sakés–though actually brewed here in Oregon–are available not just in 750ml bottles but 300ml nips?

Read more about our visit to the kura or saké brewery here. One of the many things we learned is that despite packing 18% ABV like the strongest beers, unlike said brews, rice beer does not age well (no tannins–or even natural preservatives like hops–for one). So you gotta drink it sooner than later. So not only was a bottle of their top-shelf G a steal at $10 for the nip, downing 300ml will be an easy chore. And for only $5, we won’t sweat pouring the Asian pear-infused saké into the hot mulled cocktail we’re going to serve at our holiday party.




Small sense

E pennibus any-unum: out of pennies, anyone?

I don’t like buying a 56-cent item and getting back four pennies with my change. Of course, such a move would probably devalue nickels, but that’s not the point now. The point is, just this morning did I notice that the US Mint redesigned the penny last year. I guess every 50 years or so it deserves…change.

No huge fan of these copper-zinc coins am I, they are certainly, and legally, not without value. Nine rolls of these bad boys and I can still buy a nip of Rogue Old Crustacean, same as if I paid with a five-spot (both bear Lincoln’s visage–coincidence??)

Whether it’s to keep currency flowing, create jobs in the currency-design field, or just have something new to notice on the coins that serve the primary purpose of keeping nickels valuable, three cheers to the mighty, mity penny. Yes, from one, many. And from one hundred, a dollar.



Pequitas Coronitas


Toma estos antes de they warm up y tu puede taste it

Sandra Mendoza:

Coronitas. Those are the best invention ever! Might not be the best beer ever, but they are small and Mexican. Like me!

Flesjes in the Netherlands

25cl=8.45oz. Easy Doos It

Madeleine Carlson:

In Rotterdam, with my cousin Olaf, when I told him I was too jetlagged for a beer, he suggested I just have a flesje:)Can’t remember which beer it was. Amstel is really good there, too.
(Ed. note: Fles means “bottle” in Dutch. Adding –je makes words diminutive, ergo flesje is a nip bottle.)

Enjoy nips responsibly

12 oz bottle, hmph!

My wife, who stands a bottle crown shy of five feet–I call her Half Pint. Our first kid is due to arrive in just 7 weeks, nicknamed Stubby. Sometimes when I get cranky she calls me Growler, but really, I’m a lightweight. No matter how much I drink beer, my tolerance stays low. That’s fine. It’s all about quality not quantity, right?

Right?! I’m on a kick to bring back NIPS. Technically they’re 189ml bottles, but let’s just call anything less than a standard 12oz (355ml) bottle a nip. Nips equal more to go around, more for yourself, half price, and half the calories.

Why bottle excellent beer in nips? Everybody wants some. They keep you from getting fat(ter) and/or too drunk. And they make expensive beers cheaper.

Stay tuned for more big reasons to go small.

Nipstastically yours,